4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Texas

8/21/2015 3:46:23 PM
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Texas, ah, how I love thee. I don’t think you can come across a Texan who doesn’t love this state. We love our land, our culture, our history, our food…..so what if we are known for our big hair and our even bigger attitudes, Texas is best in our minds. Here are 4 reasons why you should visit Texas soon.

Land in Texas

Texas is the 2nd largest state (Alaska is first). Within those 268,000 square miles, lie some very different regions. From the Gulf Coast waters, giving us fun beaches to play on, to the gorgeous Hill Country with rolling hills for miles. The East Texas Swamps and Piney Woods to the flat, desolate West Texas miles – driving across our state will make you think you have driven though 4 different countries.

I personally love our Texas Hill Country. Covered in wildflowers in the spring and filled with boaters during the summer, many Texans escape to the hills for fun. Where else could you find this amazing monolith, uniquely named for its windy whispers? Enchanted Rock is a popular destination all year round.


Texas Culture

I’m guessing the first thing that pops into your heard when I say “Texas” is cowboys…am I right? OK, so we do host the world’s largest Rodeo each winter in Houston…..

But when I say culture, I’m talking about the vibrant music scene in Austin…otherwise known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin boasts more music venues per capita than any other city.

But not just music, Austin is filled with amazing film & art opportunities. One of our favorite “art museums” lies just south of downtown Austin at the Cathedral of Junk – 2 tons of donated junk built into a 3 story structure you can explore – yes, we call it art!

Texas Food

Nothing beats the food in Texas. OK, maybe I’m a little biased…

While every region has its own type of BBQ, nothing tastes quite like a good smoked Texas Brisket. There is an influx of BBQ restaurants to try – and every city you travel to will have its best version to try.

Texas also has amazing Mexican food, or what we lovingly refer to as “Tex-Mex” – heavy on the melty cheese, meat, beans, and spices, some more popular Tex-Mex inventions are the chili con carne, chili con queso, fajitas, and nachos. Did you also know that the world’s first margarita came from Dallas??? You’re welcome!

Texas History

We Texans are so very proud of our history and no story explains our pride better than the Battle of the Alamo – a 12 day stand off with fewer than 100 Texans fighting a 1500-men strong Mexican Army.We lost the battle but it inspired many a Texan to “Remember the Alamo” and help defeat the Mexican army later that year. We all remember the Alamo, and you can too by visiting it in San Antonio – it has become one of the world’s most visited shrines.

Lastly, please remember that Everything is Bigger in Texas! That includes our tourist spots, our pride, and our attitudes. But please don’t let that stop you from coming on down and visiting! We’d love to see ya!

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