How to go to canada university if the ces program termination?

8/6/2018 3:40:45 PM
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The CES - Canada study does not require financial proof that IELTS 5.0 requirements will soon be replaced by the SDS program. Please contact HOPECO to apply before this program ends.

According to official information from the Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City, CES (Canadian Express Study) - Preferred visa, no financial proof will be applied until 30/6/2018 to ensure the transition from CES to SDS smoothly and without affectingthe affiliated schools of the Canadian Association of Colleges and Schools (CICan). This is good news for you to have more time to participate in the CES program with extremely favorable input conditions. However, to ensure enrollment in the Summer Admissions Program (limited program): May / June  and Fall (main enrollment period): August / September, you need to apply from now on.

What is SDS?
Study Direct Stream ( SDS ) is a fast-track program for students in four countries: Vietnam, India, China, and the Philippines. There is no official information on the SDS entry requirements in Vietnam; However, under the SDS application conditions in the Philippines on June 17, 2017, students enrolled in the SDS program must meet the following criteria:
  • Admission to a full-time program at a post-secondary education institution such as a university, college, research institute or CÉGEP;
  • Minimum IELTS 6.0 for each skill (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking);
  • Purchase of Scotiabank's Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) at CAD 10,000 to cover the cost of living for the first year in Canada;
  • Pay for one (1) year;
  • Physical exam at least one week before the application.
Advantages of adopting SDS:
  • Priority visa process for all SDS schools.
  • Less financial documentation.
  • Visa processing time is faster.
How are CES and SDS different?
  • The two programs in terms of purpose are not different, they are efforts to attract human resources are lacking for the country, provide opportunities for settlement and a lot of benefits for international students.
  • On the other hand, the major difference between the two programs is the IELTS level. If for CES IELTS 5.0 has the opportunity to choose from 55 schools, SDS requires an IELTS 6.0 opportunity to access all of the schools.
  • Here you can see that for the new SDS you do not have to wonder about choosing a school anymore, just improve your English skills well. However, CES is still one of the most popular forms of music because of the level of IELTS.
  • If you intend to study in Canada with a satisfactory CES (IELTS 5.0) English proficiency, please quickly make a profile, complete the procedures from today, before schools started raising IELTS input requirements and CES was completely replaced by SDS.

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