20 misused English words that make smart people look silly

Think you know the difference between affect and effect and how to use them correctly?

Vocabulary for IELTS 15: Sport & Fitness

Where might the following sports be played?

Vocabulary for IELTS 14: The Sea

Look at the map below and insert the names of the five seas in the correct places.

Vocabulary for IELTS 13: People

You may have heard a number of different words used to express 'fat' or 'thin' when describing people.

IELTS HOPECO: Vocabulary Practice

When you see a new word that you think is useful, you should write it down in a notebook

Vocabulary for IELTS 12: Cookery

From which countries do these traditional dishes orginate ?

Vocabulary for IELTS 11: Travel

Below are worlds connected with various means of transport. Can you sort them into the correct categories ?

Vocabulary for IELTS 10: Letters

Letter writing is bound by certain conventions, as are all forms of communication, written or spoken.

Vocabulary for IELTS 9: Family & marriage

If you fill in an official form, such as a census, you may be asked to categorise your marital status into one of the ...

Vocabulary for IELTS 8: Clothes

Which of the following materials are synthetic (main-made) and which are made from natural fibres?